Effective and inexpensive air filtration in the Bruchsal large gear manufacturing plant of SEW-EURODRIVE GmbH&Co. KG

The fresh air sucked in for the refrigerating machines is reliably freed from dust by replacement filter mats from filtermatten-shop. de

SEW-EURODRIVE GmbH&Co. KG is one of the most innovative companies in the field of drive technology. The company is known worldwide for the power, quality and robustness of the motors and drives manufactured in Bruchsal.
The 60,000 square meter production plant for large gears was completed in 2010.


The manufacture of planetary gearheads with maximum torques, mechatronic and explosion-proof industrial gearheads requires permanent and reliable cooling. Air filtration 
of the outside air through a filter mat removes the finest dust from the air and reduces the need for repairs to refrigeration machines.

The choice of replacement filter mats for the chillers in the SEW large-gear plant focused on two requirements: the air filtration system must carefully remove the finest  dust particles from the fresh air intake. In addition, the filter mat in question had to have an insertion instruction that prevented it from being inserted incorrectly by mistake.

RW2340-1_450_370In order to meet the requirements of the customer in the best possible way, the experienced experts at MBI GmbH have selected the G3 filter mat roll in blue and white in their in-house filter mat shop. The selected filter mat is of high quality, permanently well available and has an insert hint for long service life. The replacement filter mats are available as 40-square-metre rolls and thus enable economical use. This is an important aspect when it comes to air filtration of large quantities of outside air, as in the SEW large engine. The inflow side of the filter mat is coloured blue, so it is easy for the employees to insert the replacement filter mats correctly.

SEW-EURODRIVE is enthusiastic about the solution. The filter mat used fulfils all requirements and also has a very good price-performance ratio. 



About the Filter Mat Shop

The filter mat shop is a service of MBI GmbH and offers quality filter mats in different quality classes (G2, G3, G4, M5) as cut to size or as roll material for self-cutting. Customers can choose between two materials: Polyester for single use or polyolefin for multiple use. Polyester filter mats are inexpensive solutions that are conditionally  regenerable. In polyolefin filter mats, the fibres are coated, which makes it easier to remove the dirt particles (by sucking, beating, spraying or washing out). Standard products can be conveniently ordered online and are usually immediately available from stock. The filter mat shop offers special blanks from 50 pieces.
Further information can be found at www. filtermatten-shop. de.

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